Design Practica: Custom Web Development and Design

We are a web company located in Vancouver, BC.

We specialize in custom web development, eCommerce development, custom design and building CMS-based sites.

Our distributed team of expert programmers and designers has accumulated tons of experience with the most popular CMS frameworks, eCommerce systems, and UI libraries.

We build and maintain a wide range of websites and web applications — from simple WorPress blogs to complex CMS solutions corporate portals, dynamic applications with social media integration, and online stores. We use both open-source frameworks and languages, such as PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Python, Django, Magento, and popular commercial tools, like ASP.NET. Our UI developers are proficient in newest client-side libraries — jQuery, jQueryMobile, ExtJS, graphical libraries such as Flot and RaphaĆ«l — all this comes together in the outstanding choice of technologies and methods we have at our disposal.

Being a local business, we provide excellent personal support for our Vancouver-based clients. We are in this business for a long haul, and we care about our customers deeply.

Here’s a brief list of typical projects we are helping our customers with:

  • Custom Web Programming and Design

    Whatever the task your business faces on the web — if you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Custom web application development is our main focus.

  • Wordpress Sites

  • WordPress Sites

    From simple blogs to online storefronts, WordPress is an inexpensive, quick solution for many common situations. WordPress is especially attractive because it takes very short time to set up, it is extremely easy to maintain, and it has thousands of themes and plugins on the market, virtually for every situation and need. We make inexpensive, affordable WordPress websites that nonetheless look great and work reliably.

  • Django Python Development

  • Django Web Development

    Django is one of the most versatile frameworks out there. It is written in Python, arguably the most elegant and powerful language that ever existed. Django web applications power numerous news, media and government sites. It is often the secret weapon that lets us deliver high-quality results in the shortest time.

  • Mobile Web Development

  • Mobile Web

    Traffic from mobile devices is projected to overtake PC internet usage in the near future. Anyone starting new web projects needs to consider reaching the quickly-growing mobile segment of the internet users. It takes specific set of skills and know-how to implement websites that behave equally well. Standards-compliance, HTML5, CSS3, it seems that all the newest buzzwords converge in mobile development. DesignPractica makes HTML5 web applications that work for mobile web users as well as traditional PCs.

  • Ecommerce Systems

  • eCommerce Systems

    For a business, selling products online can be a dream-come-true or the most frustrating exercise in futility, depending how the store is implemented and promoted. You need support and expertise of battle-hardened professionals who know what they are doing in the area of online sales. A properly built custom eCommerce system involves a multitude of aspects — payment processing, subscriptions and recurring sales, automated shipping cost calculations, taxes, discounts and coupons. DesignPractica provides full-range support for all features of online stores, using the most powerful modern tools: Magento, Satchmo, Volusion, Shopify, etc.

  • Social Networks Integration

  • Social Media Integration

    This may be an intimidating or confusing topic for many people who are new to the whole social applications scene. When someone talks about integration of a website with social media, they may mean one of several distinct things. For instance, the “Tweet” and “Recommend” buttons at the bottom of this page are a simple form of social media integration — you can click those links and tweet about DesignPractica or like us on FaceBook. There are deeper ways to integrate, of course: all major social websites (and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of them) provide a public programming interface so that dynamic web applications can interact with people who use these services. For example, if you want your website to automatically publish updates to FaceBook, or tweet automatically whenever your site gets an update, or send news to LinkedIn, we can build these features into your web application. We’ve gathered experience with all the major social networks, and are actively providing real, deep social media integration within our custom development program. When you start discussing your web project with us, we will ask you about your plans for social media integration (if we don’t remind us :))

  • Website Maintenance

    You already have a website, and all you need is someone to make updates to it from time to time? Wonderful, we’re here to provide inexpensive website maintenance services.

  • Flash programming

    Modern technologies and new standards such as HTML5 and SVG are gaining ground that used to be traditionally covered by Flash and Java Applets. But Flesh is still an extremely popular and powerful tool for dynamic internet applications, supported by all desktop browsers. At DesignPractica we have experienced Flash programmers. Flash may be out of fashion with Apple, but it still powers a lot of websites, and we provide Flash development as part of our custom web application creation.

  • Best Tech Support and Customer Care

  • Gentle, caring customer support

    We are in this game for the long haul, and we value our customers, a lot. Businesses and individuals who begin working with us usually come again for more. Why not begin our acquaintance with requesting an absolutely free quote for your project?

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